‘How not to get hacked at the World Cup’
A report by Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab found many of the tech amenities being offered in Brazil to be fraught with danger.


Unlike some other systems, SafeLogin doesn’t rely on machine authentication or downloading of cookies because it’s installed alongside your online application servers or in a cloud deployment via secure link. This makes SafeLogin the only zero-footprint multi-factor authentication solution that needs only what is stored in your user’s mind and unlike virtually all other multi-factor authentication solution, SafeLogin never transmits your password or user details over the internet.

And we don’t stop at the log-in gateway, our trusted three-pronged approach secures identity access by continuous authentication throughout the lifecycle of the online session by FILTERING between human and automated access events, VERIFYING by monitoring events and disallowing unverified channel transactions and REINFORCING by actively monitoring device attacks such as browser hijacking.