The simplest way to rob a bank is to walk through the front door (not that we’ve ever tried).  The easiest way to hack a website/domain/account – is to use a username and password.  This is what actually happened during the recent New York Times and Twitter domain hijackings by the Syrian Electronic Army.  The SEA used a domain registrar’ credentials which were shared by its employees. Sharing passwords is not that unusual. 

When your company’s sysadmin makes you change your passwords every 3/6/12 months, it’s hard to keep all your electronic ducks in a row.  At this point people employ the greatest app for tracking passwords – sticky notes.  Walk up to any desk in your office and there is about a 40% chance they have a password written down near the workstation.  In a recent Pew Internet study of the young generation, they found that 47% of teen girls and 27% of teen boys have shared their online passwords. 

Tricerion safeguards enterprise systems by making it extremely difficult to share user credentials, yet ensuring that they are memorable.  While our SafeLogin solution offers a login mechanism that is easy to remember, the graphic passwords are virtually impossible to inadvertently disclose.