Do you like your friends and family? Let’s assume you do. And assuming you like them, you probably don’t want them to have their identity stolen by hackers. Am I right? Well then, let’s take a look at a few products on the market this year that must have been designed by hackers themselves. (Note: friends don’t let friends forego common sense when it comes to passwords.)

Sharper Image “Password Vault

Keep it in your purse, briefcase, or your desk. All you need to remember is one password (to open the electronic ‘vault’) and access the rest of your passwords. For everything. Guess what, friends: if someone happens to guess your one password, they can get all the rest.


GRIP Password Manager Stick

This handy-dandy USB device can create, keep track of, and copy/paste your passwords into online fields (avoiding keyloggers). You no longer have to remember them at all! Except, of course, if you lose the stick. And should you lose it, whoever finds it can log in to anything and everything. If you’re Chuck Norris, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re anyone else, watch out.


The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book

If you still have a rotary-dial phone, 8-track tape player, or film-reel video camera, you might think this is right up your alley. But let’s think about that for just a minute. This is a physical book you have to keep track of. You have to write complete URLs, usernames, and passwords, all in legible handwriting. Then be able to find them in your book and type them back in. And should anyone stumble upon your nicely labeled Password Log Book, you’re sunk. Let’s keep looking, shall we?

In short, friends, any system that claims to supplant your memory and remember passwords for you can be used to assume your identity (and funds). That’s not a gift anyone wants this year.