‘It certainly appears that SafeLogin is potentially accessible to all and therefore it should be considered by anyone wishing to improve the security of their system’
Peter Abrahams, Practice Leader – Accessibility & Usability, Bloor Research


SafeLogin offers a solution to all of todays common problems and provides unique protection from many of the most typical security attacks, simply because it is picture-based rather than text-based, because common hacking methods are all based on the idea of finding a text-based password and picture-based passwords are proven to be much easier to remember than complex alpha-numeric passwords and are very user and accessibility friendly.

All your users have to do is to provide a password of three to six images from the keypad of your own branding and they can login safely.

Tricerion understands that in todays digital age, each organisation, public or private, has to deal with the challenge of securing their online users at a sensible cost whilst ensuring their login processes are both user friendly and accessible to all and just as importantly, growing their users to enhance their digital services and reduce their operating costs