Text Passwords?  Really?Gunnar Peterson hopes we can leave a better legacy of online security than what is currently being used to safeguard our sensitive data, finances, and infrastructure.  What worked for the Pharaohs to record on papyrus and clay tablets their glorious conquests is not what should be deployed to secure 21st century information systems.  Text-based passwords are a relic from the times when Tetris was the latest and greatest in digital entertainment.  Remember those good old times?  Yeah, in terms of online security things have not changed much.

Tricerion SafeLogin authentication is a strong mutual authentication solution that addresses all vulnerabilities associated with text-based passwords.  A picture-based password cannot be easily shared, it cannot be stolen and it requires the real owner to input it on a randomized keypad.  We are pretty proud of building a system that won’t look to future generations like we were still sending each other messages on clay tablets.