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Digital: Vision to Value

With councils, the NHS, emergency services and third sector facing tighter budgets and heightened citizen expectations, there is a real need to construct and realise a compelling vision for online public services.

Socitm 2014 Annual Conference will provide an exciting opportunity to ensure this happens. Drawing on contributions from leading politicians, industry experts and local practitioners, the event will help ICT professionals from across the public sector to take on the challenge of designing and articulating the value of a deeper digital presence.

Tricerion is proud to participate in the SOCITM annual conference 2014. For more information about the conference please click here.

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Tricerion:Identity integrity

SafeLogin from Tricerion is a single-use, picture password identity access management solution that uses pictures rather than alphanumeric text, without the need for extra devices or end client-based software. A 3-image SafeLogin password is many thousands of times stronger than the most complex eight-digit alphanumeric, upper case, lower case password such as “d1flCuLt”… and many times easier to remember! Tricerion’s patented technology does NOT transmit password user details over the internet, and has never been breached in 10 years. SafeLogin: It doesn’t have to be “d1flCuLt” to log in securely. You’ll find us on Cloudstore and on G-Cloud.