Making it to the top of the BBC Technology page, a video posted on YouTube shows how the latest HP face recognition technology fails to “see” a black person.  The video is pretty funny to watch. Have you seen it? If not, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

In light of this interesting story, I wonder what fate awaits the author of this video should he be the proud owner of a Lockface USB security tokenThe device itself depends on the ability of the webcam to recognize the person, which would serve as an authentication credential for site/system access.  However, if a computer you are using does not have a webcam (or fails to “see” you as in this video), defying all logic, the token reverts to a simple password entry . . . still wandering what the whole point is . . . why spend $110 for the privilege of typing your password? Especially when the guy who lifts it from you can revert to his well-honed tactics of password hacking.