Scammers are getting so good that even cybersecurity experts are being taken in.

The infamous “prince of Nigeria” emails are falling out of fashion and instead, scammers are scouring social media to target people with tailored messages.

Scammers don’t need to spend much time researching corporate structures. “I’m at the conference and my phone ran out of credit. Can you ask XXX to send me report XXX?” runs a typical scam message.

Psychologists who research obedience to authority know we are more likely to respond to requests from people higher up in our social and professional hierarchies and fraudsters know it too.

Phishing keeps on rising too. Data from Google Safe Browsing shows there are now nearly 75x as many phishing sites as there are malware sites on the internet. Almost 20% of all employees are likely to click on phishing email links, and, of those, a staggering 68% go on to enter their credentials on a phishing website.

Tricerion’s patent protected authentication solution, SafeLogin™ can be used on its own or as part of a multi-factor authentication process to provide protection against a large number of common attack vectors.

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