‘The Tricerion solution provides us with an enhanced strong authentication experience that is visible and reassuring, with great usability and easy acceptance by our members’
B. John Shipe – Chief Information Officer, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union


SafeLogin offers a solution to all of todays common problems and provides unique protection from many of the most typical security attacks, simply because it is picture-based rather than text-based, because common hacking methods are all based on the idea of finding a text-based password, plus, picture-based passwords are proven to be much easier to remember than complex alpha-numeric passwords and are very user and accessibility friendly. All your users have to do is to provide a password of three to six images from the keypad of your own branding and they can login safely.

SafeLogin is a patented and proven software solution brought to you by Tricerion Ltd, an approved Government Procurement Service supplier providing unique Identity Access Management solutions since 2004.