Well, it might not be the best career move and it probably won’t help you pad your resume, but hey – income is income, right? According to Reuters cyberthieves are hiring, and they’re placing ads online.

One site, for example, pays $180 (£112) for each 1,000 times that malware is downloaded onto a US computer but less for computers elsewhere. It refuses to pay for any downloads to Russian computers, causing Stevens and others to strongly suspect that it, like other similar sites, are based in Russia.

“We pay your wages via the following systems: Fethard, WebMoney, Wire, e-gold, Western Union (WU), MoneyGram, Anelik and ePassporte, and PayPal,” the site said.

Think they include pension plans? Retirement? Paid holidays and sick days? Hm… probably not. Seeing as how it’s illegal, we wouldn’t suggest you take them up on the offer. But it is an indication these crooks are getting a little cocky – a little brazen – in their tactics.