‘I had to change my passwords last week and the week before that, when is this going to end?’ – “This is the new normal,” warned the FBI 
– BBC News 03 June 2014 – ‘Two-Week Attack’


Since we created SafeLogin in 2004 our system has never been breached by any of the most common forms of attack.

For example, Phishing or Pharming, where the user typically receives an email that looks like its from your organization and is asked to log-in to a fake website, giving the hacker access to the users’ individual account and thereby compromising the security of the organisation itself.

Similarly, Trojans, Spyware and Key-Logging bugs are all protected against by our unique & patented SafeLogin solution. Happily, SafeLogin prevents these types of attack and goes much further by offering a real alternative to the high cost, unfriendly token authentication and biometric offerings, thereby enabling your organisation to provide a user friendly, low cost, high security solution.