Tricerion is proud to be listed on the Cybersecurity Mission Webpage hosted by DIT Finland and the British Embassy Helsinki.

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About DIT’s Cyber Security Mission

The world is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as relationships between organisations and their customers and stakeholders take place in increasingly digitised environments. The rapid rise in disruptive digital technologies inevitably exposes system vulnerabilities, as seen in some high-profile cyberattacks on large businesses and public organisations. This new reality poses huge challenges as businesses and organisations evaluate urgent investment decisions in a fast-changing world.

Research shows there is a critical need for better understanding around cybersecurity risks, and for advice on which solutions can safeguard users, businesses and governments. Having secure systems means thinking about people, processes and technology rather than simply buying the right hardware and software. This is illustrated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology cybersecurity framework, and the UK has the world-leading capability that underpins this approach.

The UK has an impressive reputation for providing trusted cybersecurity solutions to organisations around the world. At this page, you will find many of these excellent cybersecurity companies across the country offering the very latest advice, products and services. You need to be confident that the cybersecurity team you choose to work with can offer world-class expertise, knowledge and experience. They need to be able to accurately assess your risks and develop suitable plans to address them. Quality, expertise and trust are key to this partnership, as is the commitment to work with you for the long term. The world-leading technology and services offered by the UK cybersecurity industry set the standard by which others follow.

We will demonstrate during this online mission that the UK has excellent cybersecurity solutions for all sizes of public and private organisations. If you have any further questions, our DIT team is happy to help you.