This week Saga Cruises announced that it will require guests to be fully vaccinated before boarding. Saga is the first cruise line to require guests’ vaccination although many others are discussing the same measure.

In their announcement, Saga said that when cruises resume later this year, all passengers will be required to be “fully vaccinated against COVID‑19 at least 14 days before sailing with us.”

How Saga will require proof of vaccination is not yet clear, but it is possible that it will be in the form of a Digital Vaccination Passport.

Last year, Tricerion began work on a digital COVID-19 Vaccination Passport that can function not only as proof of vaccination for travel, but also for large-scale activities like concerts and events. Our solution, ImmucheX, has received two rounds of funding from Innovate UK and has been designed with privacy first.

We welcome enquiries about how your organisation can utilise the solution in your business.