The G-Cloud could be a powerful tool for government bodies, impacting finances and efficiency as they locate and select IT providers. Keeping information in the cloud instead of on clunky hardware devices just makes sense. Going through a marketplace in which vendors have already secured government approval sweetens the deal.

However, since its inception the G-Cloud, accessible through CloudStore, has gotten far less use than anticipated.  Companies with creative solutions to some of the most pressing current pain points in today’s business environment are prepared to step up at a moment’s notice. But the government entities the platform was designed for have been slow to migrate the way they select vendors.

As you might expect, Tricerion’s SafeLogin is listed on G-Cloud. This not only means we are prepared to service government accounts, but it also underlines the stringent measures we’ve taken for all of our clients to ensure security and best practices.

Would you like to know if your local agencies are optimising resources by using the G-Cloud platform? Click on the image below to see who is actively using it. A detailed list can be found here.

G-Cloud Spending