The Solution



  • Adds strong security at the click of a button
  • Significatly more secure than traditional username and passwords
  • Picture passwords are ideal for mobile devices and easier to remember

  • Very low overhead compared to SMS/physical tokens
  • Easier to manage and more reliable than token based solutions
  • Highly Scalable to millions of users and designed for virtually all client device types



SafeLogin is our patented mutual authentication software. SafeLogin offers protection against the most common forms of attack and also helps further by offering a real alternative to the high cost token authentication and biometric offerings, enabling your organisation to provide a user simple, low cost, high security solution. SafeLogin is the zero-footprint authentication solution that needs only what is stored in your users mind to complete its convenient and safe login environment.



At the enterprise level using only traditional usernames and passwords to secure your network is simply not enough. In 2013 52% of successful corporate network hacks used Brute Force & Dictionary attacks, with a further 21% breaking in using Stolen Credentials.

For these reasons many enterprises already use multi-factor authentication for that extra layer of security. Traditionally multi-factor authentication has been deployed using one-time-use tokens. Managing such tokens effectively has proven to be a tremendous hassle and financial burden on many organisations, only getting worse as the company grows.




Picture based password are infinitely stronger than using username and password alone. Also unlike virtually ever other multi-factor authentication solution, SafeLogin never transmits your password over the internet. This offers unique protection from many of the most common security attacks as hacking methods such as phishing, pharming, dictionary attacks, trojans, spyware, keystroke loggers are all based on the idea of finding a text-based password.




SafeLogin is Easy to Use

When you see the picture keypad for the first time, you intuitivley understand how it works. Simply select the series of pictures you want to use for your password, activate and that's it! Picture-based passwords are also much easier to remember than complex alph-numeric passwords. This has been proven through comprehensive scientific research.

SafeLogin is Cost Effective

Since SafeLogin is anentirely software-based security solution, it can scale according to your precise needs without additional management or overhead. You can also achieve tremendous savings and management overhead reduction by removing the need for physical/SMS tokens to add multi-factor authentication. SafeLogin can handle it all for you, and it doesn't require any additional hardware or software clients to work.

SafeLogin is Flexible

Deploy it for employees, external partners, or even your customers. This is one of the few multi-factor authentification solutions that can be deployed to anyone, anywhere, at any time, with the click of a button. Each group can have their own unique authentification requirements depending on your security needs - for example 4 picture passwords with one set of images for employees, and 6 picture passwords with a different set of images for customers.

SafeLogin is Brandable

The visual appearance of SafeLogin can be completely customised with your own brand - we are one of the only vendors offering this feature. Upload any image you want, and create your own unique keypad. Each element can be precisley customised to fit your brand guidelines - for example the size of the keypad, and including the number, size, and position of each button. The keypad is also HTML friendly. You can add additional text HTML code or other scripts directly into the background area for added functionality.

SafeLogin has Integrated Advertising Capability

SafeLogin is not just a security solution; it's also an advertising platform! Because the keypad is HTML friendly, you can easily insert customised code to create your own advertising platform or marketing campaign. Since keypads can be customised and deployed in unique groups, you can also run multiple ads or campaigns for different customers to support an overall marketing campaign.