Yes, we’ve all been told that we shouldn’t reuse passwords for different accounts. That makes a hacker’s job pretty easy. But how many of us actually follow that rule?

A data viz tool is available for download as a Firefox add-on that seeks out passwords stored in your cookies and maps them based on how many sites they’re connected to. In the image below the green dots represent passwords, and the blue dots are the sites those passwords are used for. In a perfect world each blue dot would have its very own green dot partner, looking like a bunch of little barbells. But as you can see, the dandelion effect shows just how predictable we tend to be.

Paul Sawaya, the developer we can thank for this tool, also has a password age visualizer and color-coded “hash” to help you type your password correctly. Until more companies make the transition to picture passwords, tools like this will be a great help to consumers looking for ways to protect their identity online.