"Tricerion SafeLogin - Protecing Online Users for Over 10 Years"

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Log-in easily & safely

As an increasing amount of business and social activity takes place online, safeguarding against identity theft has become a top priority for organisations and their users alike. We’re committed to staying one step ahead of hackers and identity theft criminals and helping each organization achieve peace of mind for themselves and their online users.

Picture Password Security

The SafeLogin picture password solution is a software based identity access management solution that uses single-use, picture based passwords rather than alphanumeric text.  Picture passwords benefit from additional security for your user login processes, because a picture password is much stronger than the most complex eight digit alphanumeric, upper case, lower case password.


SafeLogin protects against Phishing, Pharming, Trojans, Spyware & Key Logging & offers a real alternative to the high costs of using tokens & biometrics and increasingly unwieldy multi-factor solutions now being used for conventional log-in – so why expose your users to ID theft any longer ?