Picture Based Multi-Factor Authentication


Tricerion is the only single-source solution for your entire business lifecycle, keeping your customers safe throughout all their transactions – anywhere, anytime, and any kind. It’s a practical, end user-centric approach to enhancing security that gives businesses a real alternative to the status quo.

Be proactive, not reactive, in your approach to identity access security – and eliminate potential threats before they’re a problem.

SafeLogin Solutions


SafeLogin generates a single use keypad, allowing the user to enter a password consisting of a sequence of images. The keypad design is chosen by the user, making it easy to spot any phishing attempts and stopping fraud. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.


Key Features

  • The images used can be customised for your company.
  • Keypads can be personalised for each user.
  • Software based solution, completely scalable to suit your needs.
  • A simple and intuitive user registration procedure to enrol new users.
  • Installed and configured quickly, so you have instant security.
  • SafeLogin requires no end user installation, 100% server-side.
  • Advanced inherent security by design.
  • Cost effective solution – No physical devices, lowers costs.